5. The Queen’s Speech of 2008 on the NHS


The Queen said in her speech that because the health of the nation is vital to its success and well-being, a bill will be brought forward to strengthen the National Health Service. 

“The bill would create a duty to take account of the new National Health Service constitution that will set out the core principles of the service and the rights and responsibilities of patients and staff.”

“The bill would also introduce measures to improve the quality of healthcare and public health.”

Included in that Bill is the requirement of healthcare providers to publish annual quality accounts on the quality of their services.

The speech also confirmed proposals for tightening controls on the sale of alcohol to be included in a police and crime bill.

The NHS Bill aims to pave the way for patients to be given individual budgets to commission their own health services and will include measures to reduce the harm that smoking brings to young people. However, it does not specify whether this will include previous proposals of banning displays of cigarettes in shops.

Finally, the Queen’s Speech confirmed that proposals in the NHS Next Stage Review by Minister of Health Lord Darzi will proceed to legislation.



The Queen addressing the Parliament, 2008

The Queen addressing the Parliament, 2008


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