a. Tackling health and social inequalities with a Job Club


Numerous studies have found association between economic trends and mental and physical health, and confirmed the impact of unemployment and job loss on employees and their families. There is a strong relationship between unemployment and loss of self-esteem, increased suicide rates, mental hospital admissions, criminal offending, and increased incidence of physical illness.

With such profound impacts of unemployment on emotional and physical health, it is ineluctable that clinicians should adopt a proactive and reparative approach in patient care. On that basis, Dr Khong proposes to establish a Job Club the purpose of which is to help give support to those who are out of work whilst they are unemployed and to do everything possible to get them back into employment.

Dr Khong indicates he wants to name it the Eyres Monsell Job Club and for the Club to meet at the Pasley Road Health Centre every Friday lunch-time. He hopes that Working Links would play a role in the project, together with Leicester City Council, the local Business Link and JobCentre Plus. Leicester Mercury, as the local newspaper, is potentially an important component of the project alongside the internet initiative Zubed.

The Job Club would initially collate information of those who are unemployed and offer assistance such as writing curriculum vitae and presentation for interview but with the project coming on-stream, other partners would play increasingly prominent roles.

The hope is that whenever employers recruit, they will do so through the Job Club.


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