8. Diagnostic facilities

For many years, the practice has been offering to its patients as part of its services tests using a range of diagnostic tools such as electronic spirometry for assessing lung functions, pulse oximeter to determine the blood oxygen level and ECG machine to record cardiac activity.

To broaden the scope of on-site diagnostic capabilities,  a number of new equipment is added to the existing range of instruments at the practice. One notable addition is an integrated instrument for assessing bone density and to determine if an individual has or at risk of osteoporosis (see under “Osteoporosis” page).

Another item is an instrument for analysing the performance of nerve conduction when patients are troubled by tingling or ‘pins-and-needles’ sensation in the hand. Impaired sensation could be due to a variety of causes but one of the most common reasons is compression of the median nerve as it passes through the under-surface of the wrist in a tunnel overlain by connective tissue. A variety of treatment is available, including surgical release which is usually the most effective and permanent solution.

More equipment will be added as the facilities and services available at the practice expand.

The Mediracer diagnostic equipment in operation

The Mediracer diagnostic equipment in operation


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